About Global Blue

Global Blue Strategic Partners is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Joint Venture between Blue Business Solutions Ltd, a company incorporated in Thailand and The Durward Group of Australia. Global Blue offers global administrative Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to companies wishing to reengineer their business to reduce their costs and at the same time increase output and efficiency of the company.

The core business areas we work within are Aviation and Utilities related Business Advisory Services, Management Consulting and Customer Programmes. Global Blue has its core competences in:
  • Customer Programme Management
  • Data Mining
  • Management Reporting
  • System Monitoring and Error Reporting
  • Data Quality Control
  • General administrative duties

Consultancy Services are offered to companies establishing themselves in Asia as well as to companies undergoing restructuring and implementing efficiency programmes. Global Blue is capable of providing individual tailored solutions.


Global Blue’s mission is to:
  • Provide cost-efficient and competitive multi-channel customer management
  • Be the leading Customer Management Outsourcing Company in Thailand
  • Be globally competitive
  • Offer world’s Best Practice Quality Services
  • Ensure that Global Blue’s business operates with total integrity

    Global Blue’s staffing mission seeks to create employment opportunities for young, well educated, university graduates and to nurture their future value.

Global Blue's Staff

Our staff are recruited as graduates from the country’s leading universities. Thais are exceptionally diligent and hard working, repeatedly delivering results with high accuracy. They are able to work independently in unified teams and have a desire to reach their full potential in a logical and structured manner. Global Blue’s staffing mission is to create employment opportunities for young, well educated, university graduates and to nurture their future value. The staff are our most valuable asset. Building on traditional Asian family values and western ideology, staff are provided with optimal working conditions and a fair compensation.

Global Blue's Management

Our management has more than 40 years of senior international corporate experience working with multicultural teams across Asia. We understand what is needed to achieve optimal results. We are able to clearly communicate with our customers abroad and thereby delivering products that meet their needs. Our management skill sets enable us to be the innovators of improving business processes and catalysts for bridging the different cultures.

Executive Management Credentials

Axel Blom

Group Managing Director and Founder
  • 25 years senior management experience in Asia
  • Successfully implemented multiple strategic Business Process Re-engineering programmes in the Aviation Industry
  • Built and successfully managed a global outsourcing business in Thailand employing more than 100 staff
  • Director and Founding Partner, Business Alliances Solutions, a network of aviation related businesses in Thailand
  • President, Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • Past Director, Thailand’s Board of Trade

Charles Durward
Chief Commercial Officer and Founder
  • 25 years experience at senior executive level in the service business sector including strategic management and Business Re-engineering in Aviation and Information Technology in Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Conceptualisation, development and management of Aviation Customer Programmes worldwide
  • Successful corporate Business Process Re-engineering and implementation of major Customer Management Systems in the Utilities Industry

Corporate Profile

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